The Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature is the foremost department in the country that pursues studies in the fields of Philippine Studies, language, language planning, literature, literary canon development, and creative writing in Filipino. In 2012, the Department received the Center of Excellence in Filipino and Center of Excellence in Philippine Literature from the Commission on Higher Education.

The faculty boasts of two National Artist for Literature, Virgilio S. Almario and Bienvenido L. Lumbera, as well as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) and SEAWrite Awardee Victor Emmanuel Carmelo Nadera, Jr. The department is also being consulted by the Department of Education for the Filipino curriculum and teacher training. Among the consultants of DepEd are Dr. Pamela Constantino, renowned language planner here and abroad, while Dr. Jovy M. Peregrino is a current consultant for the Philippine Cultural Education Program of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Most of the faculty members from the department are awardees from the different organizations here and abroad. Faculty members also serve the university in various positions. One of them is Dr. Rosario Torres-Yu who became the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and eventually the director of the UP Sentro ng Wikang Filipino. The most awarded language planning practioners in the country teach in the department.

More than half of the department’s faculty are PhD holders with some attaining their degrees abroad from premiere institutions like the National University of Singapore, State University of New York, University of Hamburg and Indiana University.

The department is actively collaborating with other institutions and colleges within and outside the university for research, teacher training, and faculty development. It is also vocal on key Philippine contemporary issues that affect the lives of the Filipino people.

The department has three Bachelor’s degree programs: BA Philippine Studies, BA Filipino and BA Malikhaing Pagsulat.

B.A. Malikhaing Pagsulat (BA MP)

Harnessing the creative mind in every student, the B.A. Malikhaing Pagsulat molds soon-to-be writers to easily communicate their stories, essays and poems in Filipino.

In enrolling in the program, expect only the best from our brood of professors. These professors are known writers here and abroad. They have garnered respect from colleagues, proof of which are numerous awards they have received. Their teaching style helps students to learn various techniques and skills in creating materials note-worthy of being published. Their vast experience in workshops and critiquing enable students to do better than their previous work.

Graduates from this course can work in media industries as scriptwriters, head writers, news reporters, and producers. They can also teach in schools that offer creative writing classes and Filipino subjects.

The B.A. Malikhaing Pagsulat has 135 units of subjects assuring students to become the most creative and expressive writers in Filipino.

B.A. Filipino

B.A. Filipino is a language and literature course that aims to produce graduates that have sufficient knowledge in the development of the national language in a multilingual context.

Students who enroll in this course will have a better grasp and knowledge on how languages operate in a community, particularly in the Philippine setting. Students become analytical and rational in dealing with past and present situation of the linguistic and literary development of the country.

Graduates in this course are becoming the best teachers in the elementary and high school level. They can also work in government offices, non-governmental organizations and even in the field of mass media.

It has a total of 141 units divided into language and literature subjects as well as electives to expand the knowledge.

Bachelor of Arts in Philippine Studies (BA Phil. Stud)

The Bachelor of Arts in Philippines Studies is a four-year course that uses an interdisciplinary approach in discussing Philippine culture and society. The prospective student can choose any disicpline from the department, namely language, literature, or, creative writing and another set of subjects from another discpline within the College of Arts and Letters or any from the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, College of Mass Communication, College of Community Development and Social Work, College of Fine Arts, College of Music, School of Economics, the Institute of Islamic Studies or other related disciplines.

Students who enroll in this course develop a sharp and critical stance on Issues that affect the lives of Filipinos, here and abroad. Students are able to link the two disciplines to master a particular interest in their research.

Due to the interdisciplinary approach of this course, graduates can work in any chosen field. They can work in media outfits, government agencies, non-government agencies, business offices and the education sector. This course is also a good take off platform for students who wish to study Law after taking this degree program.

The B.A. Philippine Studies has a total of 138 units divided according to the discplines and core subjects of the course.