As contemporary performance aesthetics focus more and more towards the (re)presentation of the performance process as crucial part, if not, as central to the totality of the performance experience – from Brecht to Boal, to Bourriard to Ranciere – Con.Currents attempts at interrogating as well as capturing the flow and transformation of ideas, bodies and narratives in a collaborative/creative-curatorial performance making, conversation and even, spectating.

The many works included in Con.Currents, draw from various movement/performance research questions – from new materialities and (re)mediations of live bodies in relation to the narrative of the disappeared using lights, shadows and soundscapes in Work #3 (Pineda, Bulan, Sonido and Diego); to drilling deeper into site-specific embodiments and the consciousness of translating movement experiences onto different bodies in Works #1 and #2 (Pineda, Laniog, Samaniego and Sonido); to the continuing experimentations, connections and contradictions in hip-hop dance and cultural movement and contemporary performance in Work #4 (Pineda, Gotangco and Sonido). Even Yraola’s curatorial concept for this particular project, and Laniog’s later attempt at choreography with a different site, context, and body to work with, while trying to translate the totality of the performance research and experience that we went through; are not efforts to propose a stringing concept that should summarize or try to answer the various questions that each work/process tried to deal with. Both the Yraola’s curatorial concept and Laniog’s choreographic process presents new flow(s) in this same stream of conversation.

Con.Currents therefore comes from different flows and arrives at a point of unfolding, in a given time and space, concurrently. It is both a totality of a given performance experience, and at the same, only a fraction of its on-going flow. This flow is a kind of consciousness – between and amongst collaborators, materials, sites, bodies, embodiments, and even, spectator. It is both absence and presence in a dialectical conversation between presentable and non-presentable. It never really ends, but we only hope to capture what it tries to give in each moment of unfolding. In the hope that each unfolding will teach us to be more keen and humble about how our bodies, ideas, and environment flow in each current change.


Curator’s Walk Through and Opening on September 8 2017 5pm

Conversations: Reflex Gotangco and Roselle Pineda on Hip-Hop and Contemporary September 12 2017, 4pm

Conversations: Elena Laniog and Roselle Pineda on Site-Specific Performance Making September 19 2017, 4pm

Movement Provocations choreographed by Elena Laniog with the UP Dance Company on from September 26-29, 2017, 7pm

International Conference on Performance Curation 2017 by the Performance Curators Inititives (PCI) from September 26-29, 2017


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